Following Repair Of Critical Spots, Full rehabilitation work begins on Voinjama-Mendikorma Road

By Paul M. Kanneh & Samuel Borlay |

“Once the critical spots on the road are repaired, we will embark on a comprehensive rehabilitation process expected to extend beyond a year, Engineer of a local construction company, SSF told the press.

Full rehabilitation work has started on the Voinjama-Mendikorma road after repair of damaged spots on the road link in fulfillment of President Boakai’s campaign promise-that no vehicle will get stuck in muds on all major highways across the country. SSF Construction Company with extensive experience in road construction is in charge of this assignment.

Completed portion of the road from Kolahun Iron Gate

“In the first 100 days of my administration, no vehicle will get stuck in mud on major highways in Liberia”, the Unity Party Standard Bearer, Boakai said in his campaign message to Liberians.

Through to his words, President Boakai has begun implementing his road infrastructure programs. Among major highways under consideration is the Voinjama-Mendikorma road, which connects Liberia to Sierra Leone and Guinea. This stretch of road is now fully accessible with reduction in traveling time and cost.

Motorcyclists plying the stretch of road shared their heartfelt appreciation for the rehabilitation of the road. They emphasized the challenges they faced in previous years and the remarkable improvement being made to upgrade the important road link. Farmers believe improved road infrastructure will facilitate the transportation of their products to the nearby markets.

With President Boakai key on road maintenance, commuters can be assured that the difficulties they experienced in the last 6-year will be alleviated or totally avoided if the road maintenance exercise continues.

Newly compacted section of the Kolahun-Foya Road

Voinjama, Kolahun and Foya host strategic economic and agriculture interests of Liberia. The settlements are noted for the production of cash crops and Liberia’s staple food (rice). Additionally, commercial activities are high. Voinjama, Kolahun and Foya account for about 65% of commercial activities (weekly market days) in Lofa, with Kolahun alone having 5 popular market days. Commercial and agriculture activities are expected to boom due to the year-round accessibility of the road corridor. The significance of creating unhindered access to commuters and vehicles in this part of Liberia cannot be overemphasized because the terrain also hosts two mini hydro stations under the rural renewable energy program-one completed and in use, while the other is under construction.

According to local experience, the life span of fully rehabilitated laterite (gravel) roads in Liberia without a routine maintenance exercise is between 5-6 years depending on the soil types. But with a routine maintenance practice, fully rehabilitated gravel roads is expected to last between 10-15 years depending on the daily traffic volumes and soil types.

Unhindered road access enhances monitoring of schools, gender based violence, illegal extraction of natural resources, mainly illegal logging and mining and trading of illicit drugs along the various borderlines. It also enhances security operations in the country and brings love ones closer.

Good road means that “cars and goods will move freely and faster. It means that traveling time and traveling costs will reduce. It also means that people’s health will improve because they won’t travel on a bumpy and almost impassable road for several hours and days. It means that drivers won’t take their cars for repair after every trip. It means that farmers will be motivated to produce more because they now have easy access to the market in Monrovia via a pliable road. It means rural communities can easily integrate and/or connect with urban communities. It means that value has been added to socioeconomic activities. It also means that prices will fall” (Martin K.N. Kollie/04/19-2024).

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