Sell USDT in Nigeria

Do you have USDT that you want to sell in Nigeria but don’t know how to go about it? Here’s how to sell USDT in Nigeria and be paid in Naira into your bank account.

USDT, for all intents and purposes, is a digital currency that comes to solve the most annoying difficulties of cryptocurrencies by making them stable, which is why it’s dubbed “stable coin.” It’s just another coin, but unlike other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, its value does not fluctuate.

Tether Limited issued it, and it is said to be backed by the USD, thus 1 USDT Equals 1$. To summarize, if you want to remain steady in the crypto world, USDT is what you need.

Shift is a trading P2P platform where you can sell your USDT in Nigeria.

How to sell USDT in Nigeria

USDT is a crypto asset that, unlike most others, mimics the value of the US dollar but operates on a blockchain, which means it gives the functionality of the US currency without the transfer delays that might occur when exchanging real cash between bank accounts in Nigeria.

This means that if you purchase and sell USDT in Nigeria at the proper times, you may be able to acquire exposure to the upward moves of crypto assets more quickly.

Shift’s Nigerian order book allows you to sell USDT in Nigerian Naira, making it a viable option for fast and easy trading for Nigerians who want to sell their USDT.

Follow the instructions below for further information on how to sell USDT in Nigeria using Shift’s platform if and when the chance arises.

How to sell USDT on Shift

  1. Click the Create New Account button.
  2. You must confirm your email address after entering your information and joining up.
  3. Select your security choices after you’ve validated your identity.
  4. Before trading, submit your KYC and wait for verification.
  5. Go to Account Settings > Payment Options and then Add a Bank Account.
  6. You may now sell USD from NGN using the “Sell” forms.
  7. Click on any open orders to sell at that price and quantity directly from open/available orders. Then, in order to complete the transaction, click the Sell button.

Why you should trade USDT in Nigeria

  1. Its pricing is consistent. In the case of USDT, one USDT equals one US dollar.
  2. Your transactions on Shift’s P2P trading platform are extremely low-cost. For example, if you transfer money from one USDT account to another, no fees are paid. However, there is a modest fee if you wish to exchange USDT for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.
  3. It is a currency with a high degree of integration. USDT is very simple to include in trading platforms. As a result, almost all trading platforms provide trading pairs.
  4. It makes the process of protecting your money and that of other traders in Nigeria who are interested in dealing with cryptocurrency easier.

Sell your USDT in Nigeria

Are you ready to sell your USDT in Nigeria? Then start here by using our secure P2P platform that offers easy and seamless ways to sell USDT in Nigeria with low-cost fees. Visit to begin selling your USDT in Nigeria now.