Peer-to-Peer Cryto Exchange in Nigeria

Peer-to-Peer Cryto Exchange in Nigeria

Level up your trading adventure today with our Peer-to-Peer Cryto Exchange in Nigeria.

We step out of the way and allow our users to trade directly with one another on their own terms. This is a safe, convenient, and inexpensive option to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

Now, our users can trade crypto assets without the need for centralized solutions or complicated charts.

At, here are the benefits that come with our Peer-to-Peer Cryto Exchange

Convenient Payment Terms

Our P2P platform is a perfect option for those who need to buy or sell crypto assets in Nigeria. Our platform allows buyers and sellers in Nigeria to trade with hassle-free payment procedures.

Considering the present crypto Ban in Nigeria, you can deposit or withdraw funds without hassle:

·         No bank accounts

·         No payment cards

Zero to No Fees Involved

More than just trading crypto directly with each other on your own terms, it comes at little to no cost. A number of platforms in Nigeria may want to get a huge cut from your transactions, but we at bitbaazi don’t.

When it comes to Bitbaazi P2P in Nigeria, you won’t have to worry about giving an undue share of your transactions to anyone. There are no hidden costs, so you get exactly what you pay for and maximum gain of every deal you make on our P2P platform.


Maximum Security

We are committed to providing peace of mind to our users in Nigeria. As such, all transactions on our P2P exchange are fully protected. It is not possible for attackers to steal funds.

A major safeguard on the platform is our escrow service. This is a holding mechanism and technology that helps to establish a high degree of trust, thereby keeping theft or scams to the barest minimum. This layer of protection benefits both sides of the transaction and puts them in complete control of the transactions.

Multiple Payment Options

With Bitbaazi, you get to define how you want to be paid in Nigeria. Trading on conventional exchanges does not offer that flexibility and multiplicity of payment options as when trading on our P2P exchanges.

Bitbaazi P2P network that allows for a variety of payment methods, this way, you’re likely to find at least one that corresponds to what you often use. In fact, we support all the payment methods you can possibly think of in Nigeria.

Transactions are Fast and Swift

More than just the safety and security that comes with our P2P exchange, transactions are done swiftly. The elimination of a third-party involvement has no doubt elevated the speed of transactions.

Merchants have the option of using a transaction timer – you can set the transaction lengths to your preference. This way, a transaction can be completed securely with any selected merchant within the set time.

Global Leading Crypto-Asset Exchange – BitBaazi

At BitBaazi, we offer a unique and simple crypto trading solution in Nigeria to make your P2P experience more rewarding.

With our global marketplace, variety of payment options, low trading fees, safety mechanism, Bitbaazi Peer-to-Peer trading is no doubt an effective way to get started in crypto investing today.  Start crypto exchange in Nigeria by visit