Meet Risper Faith’s hot and curvy sister that will leave you drooling! (Photo)

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith has lately been making headlines thanks to the transformation she underwent thanks to liposuction. According to the lass, she was weighing a whooping 116kgs before the cosmetic surgery; but in a few weeks she will be unveiling how much she now weighs! Away from that we also understand that Risper Faith is a very private person despite being a celebrity in Kenya. Almost 2 years after giving birth; the socialite is yet to unveil her son’s face and fans can’t keep calm. We also know very little about her parents and in laws as she chooses to keep them off social media; but judging from her latest post – I bet very soon we shall be meeting the entire family. Also read: New photo of Risper Faith a month after surgery leaves tongues wagging Risper Faith’s hot sister Although the lady claims she was over weight due to baby fat; fans on the other hand believe that the curvy body runs in their genes by looking at her sister. The former socialite for the first time shared a beautiful photo of her sister who looks exactly like Risper Faith, but minus the make up. She is the typical African woman with well built body structure that has left many lusting over her. Also read: “Nakaa tu kama mtungi ya keg,” a stressed Risper Faith weighing 116 Kgs undergoes liposuction 2 years after giving birth (Photo) Her Colgate smile can easily brighten someone’s day  and if you thought Zari’s legs were anything to drool over; then have a look at this lady’s legs. Anyway below is the hot photo that has left many talking in the comment section. Isn’t she lovely?

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