Ai tabia mbaya! Shakilla publicly reveals what she would do to Eric Omondi if given a chance

Shakilla needs not worry about her title as queen of the streets. Believe me, with everything she has been doing on social media; I bet there is no bold woman who would out do the ratchetness we have witnessed Shakilla pull. After sliding into Butita’s DM, that did not go so well; but at least she found some refuge with bestfriend Mulamwah who has been spotted with the lady several times on social media. However now that Eric Omondi has unveiled his killer well built body; our teenage socialite Shakilla cannot keep calm. She revealed this in a post where she is seen flirting with Eric Omondi; and since not everyone got a chance to see her moment of weakness…she shared the post on her IG story. Eric and Shakilla on a mission As seen on the post it all started with a post from comedian Eric Omondi who issued a warning to men; asking them to hide their women now that he all the tools they had been looking for in a real man. He wrote; I told you to hide them to avoid this many apologies…Hamskii. Leo naenda tao so msikubalie madem wenyu wakuje tao juu they cant help it and you cant blame them. JUST HIDE THEM!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ To which shakilla responded by saying; Where exactly in town? And boom, just like that Shakilla was ready to have Eric Omondi doing the unbelievable; and trust me, Shakilla is not one to play around with. The socialite went on to tell Eric that she had actually waiting for this moment; and now that she was almost there the socialite even described what needed. Shakilla wrote; that is exactly what I want you to do…touch this lil dingily thing that swing in the back of my throat. Sounds like something…

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