Zulum worried over abductions on Damaturu-Maiduguri road

By Duku Joel, Maiduguri

Borno State Governor Prof Babagana Zulum is upset over the incessant abduction of travellers and villagers along the Damaturu/Maiduguri road, by suspected Boko Haram elements.

The governor who visited Jakana village, one of the red spots along the highway in the wake of last Friday’s abduction of over 30 travellers was particularly angry that the abductions are restricted within a particular section of the road which is just about 20km to Maiduguri.

Zulum expressed disappointment that the majority of the attacks within the last two years along the road took place between Auno and Jakana, a distance of about 20 kilometres to Maiduguri, the state capital.

“I have had cause to defend the Nigerian military to boost the morale of commanders and their troops at the front lines because I know the true picture of things, however, I am disappointed that despite all support from both the Federal Government and from us in Borno state, our military is failing to secure an area of 20 kilometres, which is the distance between Auno and Jakana.

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Majority of Boko Haram’s attacks along Maiduguri-Damaturu-Kano road keeps happening between Auno and Jakana. So, if the military cannot secure 20 kilometres, how can they keep us with the hope they will defeat the Boko Haram.”

The governor who was also disappointed for the presence of security patrol on the road added that; “With all you (journalists) we drove from Maiduguri to here, Jakana. We did not see soldiers on the road; we did not see even our own Rapid Response Squad on this road and they were trained, employed, kitted and paid to protect all Nigerians within their areas of operation and these Nigerians include travellers plying this busy and important road.”