“Your Firewood is deadly!! I won’t leave you again,” she told my man

Some men can turn out to be just beasts on earth and that has been my man who I have been dating for the last two and half years.

I am not going to shy away from narrating my story. My name is Emily and I am still recovering from the trauma I went through a week ago after visiting my boyfriend in his Kitengela apartment. I was working in Kisii while he was in Nairobi and so we would only see each other thrice or twice a month.

However, in the last few months, he became extremely distant with me such that he would rarely call or text me. If there was any communication between us, it would be because I started it. Sometimes he would see my call and just ignore it.

At first, I believed that he was probably too tired to even talk to me but it went on for some weeks and I thought he was probably stressed about something. I therefore decided to surprise him at his place so that we could talk about our dwindling relationship.

I took a leave from work for some few days in order to surprise him at him place. He always liked it when I was at his place and I knew that my visit would excite him. I therefore, did not tell him a word about me visiting because he was not even talking to me.

I left from Kisii at 10AM and by the time I alighted from the bus, it was 6PM. I then took another matatu to Kitengela where he resudes.

Excitement was building up in me. I could not wait to see how happy he would be after seeing me. I used the key that I had to open the door. The house was in full blast music and after opening, I went to the bedroom to look for him.

On reaching the bedroom door, I was met by a surprise of my life. I heard my boyfriend shamelessly fucking another woman while they were both moaning in pleasure.

“Unakuwanga hivyo mtamu, aiii hiyo kuni imeingia yote aki nasikia vingine mimi sikuachi tena,” she told my man.

On noticing me around, my boyfriend put on his black short as she dressed up and started to chase me away like a dog.

It was around 8.30PM and I had nowhere to go since I knew no one in the area. I was crying and was also feeling very tired. I sat on the front door of a certain shop trying to figure out my next move. A certain kind woman saw me crying and asked me what was wrong and I told her what I was going through.

She felt sorry for me and took me to her house. After making me some dinner, she told me she knew of a way I would get help. She said Doctor Mugwenu was a good traditional herbalist who would teach my boyfriend and his lover a lesson.

I called Doctor Mugwenu on +254 740637248 and told him the troubles I had gone through before he made an appointment with me the next day. I met him the next day and he cast a spell where he made their lives so troubled that they had to seek me and ask for forgiveness.

In two days, my boyfriend called me and said his life was unbearable since his ‘thing’ had become too small that he could not even fuck anymore. He also said the girlfriend had very huge breasts. That they were swelling by day.

“Kindly forgive us. It is getting worse,” he begged.

I asked him to completely leave alone the other woman. I was glad that he learned his lesson. He asked for forgiveness for close to a month and I decided to forgive him. We are now a happy couple all thanks to Doctor Mugwenu. I have even relocated to Kitengela.

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