You’ll Get What You Are Looking For – Museveni Warns City Protesters

President Museveni has warned rioters of serious consequences as violence entered the second day following Wednesday’s arrest of presidential candidates, Chimp Corps report.

“You’ll regret,” said Museveni on Thursday while speaking to NRM leaders at a campaign event in Northern Uganda.

“”Those who have been attacking NRM people in Kampala very soon will lose the appetite to the extent that they will see abandoned party shirts and will not even touch them. It’s because they have entered an area of fighting which we know very well,” he said.

Riots broke out yesterday in different parts of the country following the arrest of presidential candidates Robert Kyagulanyi and Patrick Amuriat for reportedly disobeying COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

Police fired water cannon, bullets and tear gas at brick-throwing protesters in some of the most widespread and violent clashes in more than five years.

Running battles in different parts of the country especially Jinja, Mukono, Gulu and Lira followed weeks of growing tensions between the opposition and government over the conduct of campaigns which police say will increase the spread of Coronavirus.

Museveni today said NRM remained the masters of violence.

“You have chosen to fight yet NRM are the expert. You are going to regret,” said Museveni.


“Everyone must respect the SOPs set by the Ministry of health,” he added.

ChimpReports understands a security meeting held this morning resolved to take firmer action against rioters.

It was attended by top security chiefs in Kampala.

“I know Maama reads from the book of Matthew which says that if somebody hits you on your cheek you turn even the other side. For me I use the other way used by Jesus when he found Jesus doing business in the temple. He was quite violent but there was no record that he paid compensation,” said Museveni.

The President also suggested that the violent groups of people were being sponsored by foreign people who don’t like stability and independence of Uganda.

“They will get what they are looking for. They cannot divert us.”

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