You shifted her organ – LADY slams man who lamented about lack of SEX because his wife suffered a prolapse after having 4 children in 5 years

Monday May 29, 2023 – A Facebook user, Rita Takaha has slammed a man called Sunfavour Omeke, who lamented over lack of sex because his wife suffered a prolapse.

Mr. Omeke, in a Facebook post on Sunday, May 28, said he and his wife have been married for five years with four children but the prolapse has made it difficult for them to have sex for over a year.

Prolapse occurs when pelvic muscles and ligaments stretch and weaken until they no longer provide enough support for the uterus.

As a result, the uterus slips down into or protrudes out of the vagina.

Reacting to the post, a user named Rita accused him of shifting his wife’s organ and sexual abuse.

“It means that you have sexually abused her to this condition. The fact that you are married doesn’t mean you should shift your wife’s organ. I guess if you were the one in this condition, you would expect her to wait. So Oga, wait for your wife to recover first. When she recovers please take it easy on her,” she wrote.