April 12, 2021


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You can hate me now, but I won’t stop, now! – Willis Raburu says

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Willis Raburu

TV and Radio host Willis Raburu has been having it rough in 2020 in the hands of critics.

First came his separation with his wife Marya that stirred mixed reactions with fans pointing an accusing finger at him claiming that he was unfaithful in the relationship then followed the Gengetone festival which he hyped that had a poor turn out.

There has also been a lot of hating regarding his weight where Kenyans on Twitter backlashed him for his weight and behaviour.

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The most recent backlash has been on his new style in which the news anchor geared up his style with a new look by rocking dreadlocks and critics, as usual, had something to say.

For Willis popularly known as Bazu, he has a word or two for the backlash he has been receiving so far. For him, he urges fans to always be true to themselves and face criticism with a boldface.

It has not been such an easy journey for the 10 over 10 TV host with so much criticism with the decisions he has been making this year.

From separating with his beautiful wife to being a champion of Gengetone music and even releasing his own songs this year to his recent look critics have always had something to say about the journalist.

Last time he had it rough was when the TV host was promoting the Gengetone festival in Machakos and unfortunately, the turn up was low and netizens quickly jumped on him for the failure of the concert.

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So bad was the criticism that it brought about the issue of body shaming with his plus size look and rocking dreadlocks as a news anchor.

Critics felt that the journalist has been behaving childishly for opting to rock dreadlocks and his fun side in hosting the entertainment show that airs on Citizen TV.

Willis Raburu has been taking the issue lightly joking about the comments on his Instagram page.

In his YouTube channel Wills Raburu shared a vlog to respond to the recent backlash.

He talks about being referred to as ‘Uko na umama’ and ‘uko na utoto’ as a great disrespect to women and children. For him, he has an issue on why critics are connecting bad deeds with women and children.

“Why connect bad things with women and children?” he asked critics on his YouTube vlog.

Discussing the backlash he has faced following his new hairstyle he said that one should not be judged based on how the hair looks like.

Raburu revealed that he has always wanted to orca dreadlocks and to make himself happy which has been a big lesson he has picked in 2020. https://youtu.be/jsRCJNmUuLw

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The media personality advised fans to understand the reason for doing something first before copying the deed.

“Understand the reason why you want to do something.” Said the ever hyped journalist and cited bible quotes to defend his hair look as acceptable in the scriptures but says quoting the bible is not a basis of defence for his looks as he did to make himself happy.

On the issue of him behaving childishly, he goes ahead to define growing up as the ability to make decisions regardless of one’s age, whether one in his/her 30s,40s or 50s.

He shared a word to his fans by encouraging them to learn to face criticism with a bold face and wondered why people throw so much hate because of a simple hairstyle.

“Imagine all that hate because of a hairstyle?” he asked.

For him his new motive in 2020 is being a Bazu which he defines as understanding that a person is original as had put it in his hit song Kalale.

“Being a Bazu is greatness in prowess. It is understanding that you are an original.” Advised the jovial journalist.

He also encouraged fans not to copy things blindly but rather embrace being themselves and true

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