November 25, 2020


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Xiaomi MIUI 12 changes the look of the volume controls and turns on / off

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Xiaomi interface based on Android, has less rounded volume bars and on / off control reminiscent of iOS

Xiaomi has released a new beta version of MIUI 12 with changes to the look of some controls. Updating the Android-based interface changes the volume panel, which displays bars to control the sound and buttons to mute the device. In addition, the on / off option was similar to that of iOS.

The images released by the Polish website MIUI Polska indicate that the Xiaomi interface gained slightly less rounded volume bars. The curves are still there, but they are less pronounced than in previous versions. Below them are buttons for silent and “do not disturb”.

It is also possible to control the volume of media files and alarms by tapping on the three dot icon at the top of the main bar. The Xiaomi system will then take you to a new screen with bars for each function.

The MIUI 12 power button has also been updated. It shows a vertical bar with a button to turn off or restart the device when it is slid up or down, respectively. If it is dragged upwards, the button turns red and gains the power icon, and if it goes downwards, it turns green with a circular arrow to indicate the restart.

The change also resembles iOS because the bottom of the screen is darkened when the controller is close to the options to shut down or restart. According to the XDA Developers, the new look of the area is restricted to Xiaomi devices with MIUI 12 based on Android 11. The new volume panel, in turn, will be taken to more users.

Source: Xiaomi MIUI 12 changes the look of the volume controls and turns on / off