Women Tipped on Taking Lead in Science Studies, Innovative Projects

Makerere University Vice Chancellor Professor Barnabus Nawangwe has encouraged women and female students to embrace science studies and take the lead in innovative projects.

Speaking at the International conference on gender studies in Africa (ICGSA- 2022) on Wednesday, Nawangwe revealed that there has been an overall increase in enrolment of female students in schools and institutions.

“Africans have set the pace for women participation in science and there is absolutely no reason why African women shouldn’t take the lead in sciences. We must make research on the policies that can unlock huge potential of our women in transforming our society,” he said.

He added, “Makerere University remains committed to the promotion of women in all spheres of the world.”

Makerere University VC Professor Barnabas Nawangwe at the ICGSA-2022 on Wednesday.

The Vice President Jessica Alupo, who represented the Minister of Education and Sports (MoES) Janet Museveni, said that Africa will not take her place on the table with other nations until half of women are liberated and are able to fully participate in the development of the continent.

Alupo noted that men and women were created to work together and complement each other.

“Gender inequality significantly hinders the ability of women and girls to participate and benefit from development programs in society,” she said.
She further congratulated the Makerere University School of women and gender studies for the 30 years they have been operating.

“Because of your existence, the government has championed gender mainstreaming at all levels,” Alupo said.

The Key note speaker, Director School of women and gender studies at University of Ghana, Amina Mama, revealed that gender is an important tool and feminism has to be constantly defended.

“Feminists are critics, so we have to navigate institutions with care. Women should also venture into continental connections,” she said.

Amina noted that while women in Africa have not yet unlocked their energy, men are still “scared” of them.

“The government needs more equipment and knowledge to train women so that they can be relevant to society. We also need to document stories of great women so that they can be remembered,” she noted.

She added, “Before there was gender studies in universities of Africa, there were feministic studies but women’s studies are now a source of knowledge. Women studies are modified with media, they appear on television shows and on magazines while painted with different colours.”


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