Woman beats minibus taxi driver after he crashed into her car (VIDEO)

Friday, December 08, 2023 – A woman was caught on camera assaulting a minibus taxi driver after he crashed into her car in Durban, South Africa.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning, December 5, 2023.

A video clip of the woman identified as Thuso Khumalo, who is a project manager for an interior design company in Durban, went viral after the incident.

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She is seen kicking and hitting the minibus taxi driver while entertained Umhlanga office workers encourage her to “hit him”.

Khumalo who spoke to journalist on Wednesday, said that she was enraged that the minibus taxi driver had, at great speed and without any apparent reason, collided with her car while she was travelling with her mother.

Khumalo said she was fine, but was on anti-anxiety medication to deal with the incident, while her mother was a little bruised up, but she was monitoring her situation.

Asked what she had to say to people who are reacting that she should not have hit the man, she said:

“They are right, I probably shouldn’t have hit him at all, but there was nothing that warranted him driving at that speed in an area where the traffic lights were not working, he just came out of nowhere,” she said. 

This is totally wrong pic.twitter.com/eadKm0TAiw

— Mlambo (@Lwadz_G) December 6, 2023