Witchdoctor detained over death of Rukungiri businessman

Rukungiri, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A 57-year-old businessman from Rukungiri district who went missing ten days ago has been found dead.

The deceased has been identified as Sulaiman Mutabazi, a resident of Mukagoro village, Bwambara parish. He went missing on the 20th of this month after visiting a shrine of his long-time traditional healer identified as Sulaiman Mugisha, 43, from Rwebinyonyi village, Bwambara parish.

Mutabazi was a habitual customer of Mugisha, and the two would be seen by locals near the shrine during daytime while naked and smoking pipe, a practice of traditionally cleansing problems and bad omen from Mutabazi.

However, on the 19th of this month at around 08:00pm, Mutabazi was seen by locals riding a motorcycle heading to Mugisha’s home. But later, the two were heard quarreling as Mutabazi accused Mugisha of failure to solve any of his problems despite the money he is paid to practice traditional cleansing.

Later at around 02:00am the next day, two motorcycles were heard leaving Mugisha’s home heading to an unknown destination.

Buseni Kakuru , a son of Mutabazi says that since then, Mutabazi’s whereabouts remained unknown which prompted them to file a case of disappearance at Rweshama police post.

Kakuru says that police led by Inspector of Police (IP) Elias Muhairwe responded and arrested Mugisha to help in investigations. Kakuru says that they were shocked when Mugisha last night led them and the police to Rweshama swamp where they discovered Mutabazi’s body.

Elly Maate, the Police spokesperson for Kigezi region confirms the incident saying that Mutabazi’s body has been taken to Rwakabengo health centre III in Rukungiri municipality for postmortem.

Maate also says that Mugisha’s family members; Shadia Kesande, 25, Emily Kyomugisha,17, Silvan Barisigara, 32, and Ramadhan Mugisha,17, were trying to flee Rwebinyonyi village after realizing that Mutabazi’s body has been discovered.

The case is registered at Rukungiri police station under file number CRB 335/2022.



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