July 27, 2021


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Windows 10: How do you find the largest files stored on your PC?

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Quickly free up space in your storage space by searching for the largest files on your hard drive.

There are many ways to free up space on your Windows 10 PC’s system drive when it starts to get full. But the best way to do this quickly is probably to find the largest files to delete them or transfer them to another storage device.

Find out how to find the heaviest files on Windows 10.

1. Open File Explorer

Start by opening a Windows File Explorer window. You can do this using the keyboard shortcut Windows + E, or click directly on the shortcut in the taskbar.

2. Select the location

Then select the storage medium you want to work on. Stay on This PC if you want to search the files on all storage devices on your computer, or select the disk VS: if you only want to search for large files on the disk containing the operating system.


3. Check for large files

Activate the cursor in the file explorer search field and type size: extremely large.

In principle, using the search field activates the tab Research from the file explorer. This command instructs Windows to search for all files over 4 GB present on the selected drive. Wait while Windows finishes its search and displays the corresponding files.

Then click on the drop-down menu Cut to tell Windows to search for other files in different sizes, for example Huge, for files 1 to 4 GB.

Now all you have to do is delete or move the items found on another storage device to free up space on your primary drive.

Source: Windows 10: How do you find the largest files stored on your PC?