Why Kabuleta stares at a five-year jail term

Joseph Kabuleta in the dock.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Former presidential candidate, Joseph Kabuleta was arraigned before a court in Kampala and charged with sectarianism before being remanded.

The journalist turned pastor was earlier last week picked by security from his National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) offices in Bugolobi. On Wednesday, Kabuleta was arraigned before the magistrate’s court in Nakawa and charges related to sectarianism were read for him.

“Joseph Kabuleta, Prossy Ayebare and others still at large on May, 30,2022 in Kampala district uttered and published on a YouTube channel titled National Economic Empowerment statements contained in a video which statements are likely to create alienation or despondency, raise discontent or disaffection and promote feelings of ill will or hostility among Banyarwanda, Bahima and Banyankole,” the presiding chief magistrate, Number Ritah Kidasa read the charges. Kabuleta however denied the charges.

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