Where Is the Change You Promised? – Besigye Quips at Opposition Colleagues

Former leader of the Opposition FDC Col Dr Kizza Besigye has called on Ugandans to focus more on the actions and not words of fellow opposition leaders, in their ongoing efforts to cause political change in Uganda.

Dr Besigye, while responding circuitously to the raging fight between opposition party leaders DP and NUP, said Ugandans should not pay attention to what people like Norbert Mao are saying on social media, but their actions.

“For those betraying what we are trying to do, the test is in the action not in the words,” Besigye said while appearing on a talk show in Kfm on Saturday.

The former four-time presidential candidate, cited examples of how DP and NUP leaders had singled him out for verbal attacks in the build up to the last elections, but ended up proving themselves wrong.

These attacks, he said,  were centred on his decision not to contest in the 2021 election.

“Towards the last elect some people said I was wrong to say that elections won’t cause change,” Besigye recounted.

“I said fine, I am wrong and waited for actions. So has change happened? No!  So, let’s focus as we struggle, on what people are doing not what they are saying.”

Following his announcement that he wouldn’t participate ever again in elections organized under NRM, opposition leaders Norbert Mao of DP, Bobi Wine of NUP, Abed Bwanika of PDP among others, under a short-lived pre-election alliance attacked Dr Besigye and accused him of hypocrisy.

“Don’t talk about democracy and stand four times and on the fifth time you tell people democracy doesn’t work. We believe it works. On that point, I will assert that democracy actually works and anybody who despises democracy is despising the people of Uganda,” Bobi Wine said.

Speaking at the talk show today, Besigye said that the same opposition colleagues had constantly blasted him for standing multiple time in elections, and blamed him from failing to defeat President Museveni.

“When these people made these accusations; they were saying I was the problem why the struggle hasn’t ended. So I asked them, if I was not a problem, what is it that you expected me to do that I have not done? I waited I didn’t hear anything. I asked again; tell me one thing that I did which in your view I should not have done. I waited and didn’t hear anything.”

In the end, Besigye says all he aspired for was to cause change in the country, and not necessarily to be a leader.

“I led the FDC up to 2012. Since then I have not led any political party. FDC has since changed leaders a number of times. I was leader for only 7 years, and its 10 years now and haven’t led any party. I don’t aspire to lead any party. I am not in the game of looking for positions or jobs,” he said.

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