Wealth Watch: Johann Rupert’s fortune hits OBSCENE new heights

Johann Rupert is now, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index, one of the 200 richest people on the planet. The financial experts say that the magnate is richer than he’s ever been, following a surge in his estimated net worth.

What is Johann Rupert’s latest net worth?

Let’s just lay the numbers out on the table, shall we? It’s now understood that Johann Rupert and his family’s entire portfolio is worth over $12 billion. If you want that in our local currency, that’s about R190 billion.

Just let that sink in for a second…

Rupert is clear of any other South African citizen, making him the richest person in our country. The Oppenheimer estate is valued at $8 billion, and Nicky can’t seem to lay a glove on his old chum in Stellenbosch right now.

Here’s how much money Johann Rupert has

The estimated net worth of Johann Rupert has jumped up by about 20% in the past six weeks. He passed the $10 billion mark for the first time in October, but his value continues to rocket skywards. In fact, if we compare his fortune to what it was this time last year, the 70-year-old tycoon has increased his wealth by roughly 50%.

These are some serious numbers, here – but the mastermind behind the Remgro investment vehicle still has a way to go before he’s part of the highest of all high rollers. He’s currently ranked at #185 in the Billionaire Index, and he’d need to be worth about $20 billion to break into the top 100, or $30 billion to reach the top 50.

Who are the richest people on the planet right now?

And, as for the top 1% of the top 1%… well, it’s slightly out of Johann Rupert’s league. Warren Buffet, the tenth richest person on Earth, is worth $102 billion. Larry Page and Bill Gates make the top five, with fortunes estimated at $135 billion, and Bernie Arnault takes the bronze, with $175 billion to his name.

But the top two are, quite frankly, ridiculously minted: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has $211 billion in the bank, but there is no stopping the biggest billionaire of them all, Elon Musk – his net worth has soared to over $300 billion, thanks largely to the success of his Tesla and SpaceX ventures. Not bad for a lad born in Pretoria, is it?

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