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‘We need the fight to happen’: Slik Talk slams Cassper for changing terms

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Slik Talk and Cassper Nyovest have been keeping South Africans very entertained over the last few days. The pair earlier agreed on a boxing match to settle their differences but can’t seem to reach an agreement on the terms and conditions. As a result, many locals are very skeptical about the fight ever taking place.

Cassper vs Slik Talk: More back and forth over boxing match

On Monday 22 November this year, Cassper Nyovest challenged YouTuber Slik Talk to a boxing match. This after Slik Talk bashed him in a viral YouTube clip.

Cassper surprisingly promised Slik Talk a whopping R100 000 if he could last for three rounds in the ring. He also said that if Slik lost the match, he would have to apologise and stop bashing him in videos.

Ever since then, the two have been going back and forth about the contract agreement of the fight and it seems Slik is getting a little annoyed.

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Slik drags Cass again!

Taking to his YouYube page, the angry YouTuber :

“I realised mid-conversation that I was dealing with some bum a** drop-outs,” he said.

“These n*ggas wanted to change everything about the contract, and I’m like what are you talking about?!”

He also clarified that he was no longer using former entertainment manager Nota Baloyi as his representative. This comes after Cassper Nyovest said he did not want to work with Nota.

“I made a quick decision. Nota is out the f**king fight,” he announced.

“I decided he’s not going to be necessary for this fight. I think he’s gonna make things about himself and that’s what we don’t need.

“We need the fight to happen. Communications will be done by me directly. Nota, I’m sorry you had to find out like this but you’re fired.”

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