We have a plan to change Kenya, we just need more time – RUTO now begs struggling Kenyans as things seem not to work out

Monday, November 27, 2023 – President William Ruto has urged Kenyans to be patient and support the Government in fixing the country’s economy. 

Speaking yesterday, Ruto noted that the implementation of Government policies was starting to bear fruits.

According to the Head of State, countries like Malaysia, South Korea, and Singapore have gone far in terms of development because of leadership, which implemented the right policies for the respective countries.

“When we reduced the cost of subsidised fertiliser from Sh7,000 to Sh2,500, farmers engaged in serious farming leading to increased production. This is why the price of unga has reduced from Sh230 to Sh135,” remarked Ruto. 

“We are categorical, we have a plan and we will change Kenya,” he stated.

The President mentioned that Sh1 billion had been allocated to Nairobi County to construct more classrooms. 

“It is discouraging that there are many children in Nairobi especially in informal settlements who are not in schools. We are constructing 3,500 classrooms to ensure all children get access to education,” he stated. 

The President disclosed that efforts were being made to settle squatters in Kamae, noting that genuine people were being identified. 

“We are going through the list of the squatters to identify the genuine people to be settled and given title deeds. There is no way someone with a V-8 can claim to be a squatter,” said President Ruto.