Water supply disconnected in Soweto to bolster Khayalethu’s search

The search for six-year-old Khayalethu Magadla has caused a disturbance in the water supply for Soweto.

Johannesburg Water (JW) issued a statement about the disruption of water supply in parts of Soweto to allow authorities to conduct the search without hinderance to the process.


“JW officials and authorities from the South African Police Service and Emergency Management Service continue with the search for Khayalethu. The water was isolated on June 22 to aid in the continuing search in the last stretch of the sewer line leading to the wastewater treatment works,” the statement read.

The search operation will carry on until midnight, according to the entity.

Alternate water supply: Affected areas Soweto:
The distribution of mobile tankers is prioritized thus:
2 x mobile tankers for Ward 135 (Protea Glen and extensions).
2 x mobile tankers for Doornkop, Tshepisong and Slovoville.
2 x mobile tankers for Protea North, Chiawelo, Senaoane and Mapetla.
2 x mobile tankers for Green Village, Dobsonville Gardens


“JW would like to plead with customers, especially in Protea, for calmness so that we can get
in and supply water. Residents are informed that everyone will have water by tomorrow.”

“JW further pleads with the community for support, understanding and patience as the team
focuses on the search and recovery of the body of the missing boy. Further updates will be
advised as the exercise progresses.

Details of the search results will be made available. Furthermore, we plead that the family be
allowed space to get through this terrible ordeal,” the statement detailed.

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Khayalethu slipped and fell into a sewer manhole while playing with his friends at Dlamini park in Soweto on Sunday, 12 June – bringing the search days to 12.

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