Watch the video: Conte and Tuchel have to be separated

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel and his Tottenham Hotspur counterpart Antonio Conte shared possibly the most ill-tempered post-match handshake in London derby history.

Tuchel and Conte were both fuming after the match and the pair locked on to each other and had to be pulled apart as they began exchanging niceties.

Both managers were given red cards for their efforts which might have been more at home on AEW Dynamite or WWE Smackdown.

Watch: Tuchel and Conte need to be seperated after derby draw


— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) August 14, 2022

Tuchel explained afterwards that he was upset that Conte would not look him in the eye while they shook hands.

An ill-tempered exchange. Photo: Sky Sports/Twitter

“When you shake hands I thought we look into each others eyes but we had a different opinion so it was emotional. He was happy when they equalised and it got a bit heated but nothing big. We both got a red card? It was not necessary. But a lot of things were not necessary. Another poor decision from the referee today.

“It’s emotional. You like it. We don’t need comments now. It was heated up and heated up. Just look at it. It’s the Premier League, it’s the game. You love it, no? We love it. We are emotional coaches.”

Harry Kane had headed an injury-time equaliser to deny Chelsea three points at home and leaving their manager frustrated.

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Speaking after being red carded, Tuchel said: “That is the only frustration. I am the happiest coach on earth as we played a fantastic match. 

“We dominated for 90 minutes, we were sharp and hungry in all areas of the pitch. It was a top, top, top performance. I’m sorry for my players.

“You report for days and days about how big a derby this is and how long they haven’t won here for. So you can’t be surprised when it’s emotional. It’s Tottenham vs Chelsea, that’s what it is.”

Tuchel wasn’t happy with either of Spurs goals.

“We were absolutely brilliant. I have to say both [Spurs] goals cannot stand. It’s only one team that deserved to win and that was us. I’m sorry for my team they don’t get what they deserve.

“It was a clear foul on Havertz in the build-up, a clear foul. We had one tactical foul from James which got a yellow. I don’t know how many tactical fouls Hojbjerg and Bentancur did today. The situation went on and on, and it was a clear offside on Richarlison. He is in line of the shot. He even goes to the ball, so Mendy can’t see the ball. The check it, it is a clear offside.

“And when can you pull hair on the football field? When is that? So we check and nothing happens, so we don’t need to check no more. It’s ridiculous.”

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