Watch | ‘Shut up! Shut up!’ – Bheki Cele loses the plot in heated exchange

Blimey, Bheki Cele certainly ended up with a bee under his bonnet on Tuesday, following a tense confrontation in the Western Cape. The Police Minister exchanged some frank views with the leader of Action Society in Gugulethu, before all hell broke loose.

Bheki Cele goes viral after ‘screaming’ at a critic

It’s fair to say Bheki Cele has his critics in this country. Opposition parties have rallied for his resignation, and during the lockdown phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hatted minister often played the pantomime villain – enforcing bans on activities like drinking, smoking, and exercising.

Civil lobby groups like Action Society also have their gripes with Mr. Cele. Ian Cameron, a leader of the organisation, attended the event in Gugulethu this afternoon to pose his own questions to the ANC stalwart. However, things escalated fairly rapidly.

Police minister doesn’t take kindly to Action Society questions

When accused of ‘neglecting the Western Cape’, Bheki Cele went bonkers. He warned Cameron against ‘provoking’ him, before he raised his voice and screamed at the dissenter. Cele repeatedly shouted ‘shut up’ and ‘get out’, before police whisked Mr. Cameron out of the venue.

“DO NOT tell me about human rights. I have been sent to prison, I have lived in cold water, I have eaten bad food. DO NOT teach me about that. I fought and almost died for it. You should not provoke me, you have only studied these things – I have LIVED them.”

“My mother has been called a kitchen girl. My father a garden boy. I am not going to take that nonsense… [noise from the crowd]… SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT. UP… I have listened to you… SIT DOWN and listen young man. OR GET OUT! GET OUT!”

Bheki Cele

You can watch Bheki Cele lose the plot here:

There was a tense exchange as Police Minister, Bheki Cele, met Gugulethu residents today. Action Society accused him of neglecting the Western Cape. The group wants policing devolved to the province. #DStv403

— eNCA (@eNCA) July 5, 2022

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