WATCH: PTA West electricity protest gets violent

A protest over intermittent electricity and water cuts in the west of Pretoria turned violent with motorists being in the firing line on Tuesday. 


This as the western side of the CBD, Kwaggasrand, West Park, and Lotus Gardens were without electricty and water.

This saw the west descend into chaos as a protest took place on the busy WF Nkomo Street spreading into neighbouring areas which have been affected.

CPF member Joey Botes said the electricty went off in the west in the morning due to a water pipe bursting and tripping the electricity cable.

She said to fix the trip they had to first fix the water pipe by first pumping the water out of the trench which was a process.

“The community started gathering after work around 3 or 4 on Church street because there was still no water or electricity.” 

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Cement palisades and burning tyres were used to block all roads.


“The community is angry with no water and electricity, some residents have small babies and feed their children and need water for formula.”

She said in the past weeks there have been unbearable electricity cuts sometimes lasting up to 30 hours which. 

“Three or four years have passed with this problem, due to cable theft it has just gotten worse now.” 

“Only for February in total the power has been off for 68 hours and it is the 15th today, people are just fed up.” 

“Some work from home and are losing income because of this, it is bad.”

In the meantime, the Tshwane metro has tweeted that the estimated would be 2am. 

According to a motorist who did not want to be named said stones were being thrown at cars stuck in the traffic jam. 

Watch the video here:

There was so much commotion, stones were being thrown at cars, and fires were being lit.”

“Trans Oranje and Church street were chaotic and nothing was moving.” 

“The tunnel was jammed, the whole of Proclamation Hill, West Park, and Kwaggasrand were a mess and some people are still trying to get home.” 

She said it has been a while that communities in the west have been struggling with either electricity cuts or water cuts.

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People have been having food spoilt in their freezers, children have school and cannot study efficiently.”

“There are people on certain machines that need electricity. Where do the old and frail go for help in such?”

It is a lot of promises but nothing has been sorted and it is now getting out of control because people are fed 

An angry said they were fed up.

“We are losing thousands every week, it is time we unite against everything happening here.”

“Every week it is the same problem if it is not electricity it is water if it is not water, we are busy getting robbed in the street.”

“We are closing this place tomorrow, we are closing west park tomorrow.”

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