Watch: Outcry after African nationals denied access to train leaving Ukraine


The people of Ukraine are truly going through the most right now. But as new videos and details come out of the country, it is being revealed that several African nationals are also being horribly affected. Several South Africans and other African nationals are currently stranded in the country, and finding it very difficult to get out.

Ukraine invasion: African students neglected

It started when video of African nationals trying to board a train in Ukraine started picking up traction on social media. The Africans were seemingly being denied access to the train, with Ukrainians allegedly being prioritised.

Africans being refused entry into a train taking people from Ukraine to Poland.

Africans were forced to wait for Ukrainians to go first in several trains, and had to wait until all Ukrainians had boarded trains before they would be allowed to get into one

— Africa Facts Zone (@AfricaFactsZone) February 27, 2022

Another group of African students in Ukraine have now also confirmed what happened in the video. Speaking live from Ukraine on NewzroomAfrika, a group pleaded for help and revealed that there were turned away at a Ukrainian police border.

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They say they were told that only Ukrainian women and children were allowed to cross to the other side.

“The situation here is very horrible. We are just trying to find a way out, that’s all we are trying to do. We need monetary support or a flight. We are trying to move out of here. We are experiencing a lot of racism. Those of African origin, they are not even helping us at all.”

African student from Nigeria in Ukraine

[MUST WATCH] African students who are stranded in Ukraine tell #Newzroom405 that they need help to exit the country as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia intensifies.


— Newzroom Afrika (@Newzroom405) February 27, 2022

Tensions rise as fighting continues

Staying with African matters related to the Ukraine invasion, President Cyril Ramaphosa is also reportedly not happy with our country’s response.

On Thursday, the Department of International Relations released a strongly worded statement calling for the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine.

With South Africa being a member of the BRICS group and allied with Russia, many were surprised at the strength of that statement.

And according to a report in the Sunday Times, it seems Ramaphosa may have been too. The newspaper says that sources close to the president revealed that he is unhappy with the statement. Apparently, Ramaphosa believes that it “contradicts” the South African position on the Ukraine invasion.

Another big-time South African is also involved. Billionaire Elon Musk has confirmed that he is working to bring satellite internet back over the invaded country.

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