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WATCH: New unedited footage of Lindani Myeni killing released

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New unedited doorbell footage of the night Lindani Myeni was killed has been released by the Honolulu Police Department.

Myeni was shot multiple times by Honolulu police, after a suspected burglary, as previously reported. He succumbed to the gunshot wounds. He was laid to rest on 8 May 2021 in Richards Bay.


In the new footage, Myeni can bee seen entering a home in Honolulu in April, behind an Asian man and a woman.

He stops to take off his shoes and then enters the home (which is something people normally do when they enter a temple/holy place). He is also seen wearing an Umqhele (traditional African headband) – which according to Bickerton, is what he used to wear when he went to the temple.

NEW: Doorbell video shows different view leading up to #LindaniMyeni being shot and killed by Honolulu Police on April 14th — Myeni can be seen apologizing and leaving house in Nuuanu, attorney believes Myeni was trying to go to nearby temple @KITV4 >>

— Tom George (@TheTomGeorge) June 15, 2021

Throughout, Myeni is polite, gentle and respectful. He apologises multiple times and leaves. The time stamps on the ring doorbell video and the police body cams show 96 seconds after he said sorry and stepped off the porch, Myeni was lying on the ground dying, shot multiple times

In an exclusive interview with eNCA, Myeni family lawyer, James Bickerton said that the couple testified that the 29-year-old never came closer than one to two metres and made no physical contact.

“On the 911 call, the woman confirms to the operator that Myeni is not armed, shouting or threatening. The landlord has confirmed in a deposition that no property was taken, missing or otherwise disturbed.

“We are fortunate to have the recordings linked. With modern recording technology, doorbell videos and body cams, the public can see what has been going on and we hope this technology will help bring such police conduct to an end.”

In April this year, Myeni’s wife, Lindsay Myeni said: “I think he might have been trying to drive to the temple because he was looking for a place to pray or figure out and clear his mind about what was stressing him in life. Good stress…happy stress, he was about to get his green card,” she said.

The family has since filed a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the Honolulu Police

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