Watch: New clashes erupt in Brackenfell – SAPS warn locals to ‘stay away’

More violent clashes have taken place in Brackenfell on Wednesday, after police officers launched stun-grenades into a small crowd of protesters. The Pan African Congress (PAC) are staging their own demonstration today, before the EFF-led march takes place on Friday. However, this served as a taster of what’s to come from SAPS in the next 48 hours or so.

New clashes erupt in Brackenfell

The PAC had ruffled feathers earlier this week, after they advertised this gathering using the phrase ‘one settler, one bullet’. The term was then chanted by protesters wearing green regalia on Wednesday. Some political forces urged SAPS to clamp-down on this problematic language, and their response was certainly forceful.

Those in attendance were forced to disperse from Brackenfell High School, after smoke-grenades and rubber bullets were launched. Dozens of demonstrators scattered, as law enforcement officials maintained a hard-line stance:


Watch: PAC protesters met by SAPS force in Brackenfell

‘No-go warning’ issued for high school

The City of Cape Town, meanwhile, has issued a warning to locals in and around Brackenfell. They have been told to avoid the area between now and Friday, unless they need to attend the high school for their matric exams. The very fact some children in South Africa are having to sit their NSC assessments in the middle of a ‘small-scale warzone’ is telling…

“The permit is limited to the participation of 100 EFF members who have undertaken not to disrupt learners or matric exams, which has been accepted by Western Cape High Court Judge Siraj Desai as sufficient for the protest to go ahead in terms of his ruling. Metro police video units will be present to record the events and incidents.”

“Do not go to the vicinity of Brackenfell High School, unless you are a parent bringing a learner to school. Parents are asked to adhere to requests communicated by the school pertaining to safety arrangements for Friday.”

City of Cape Town statement