WATCH: ‘Master driver’ makes daring U-turn on a cliff

A video from December 2021 is clocking in millions of views after a driver executed a U-turn like you’ve never seen before!

‘Master driver’ makes daring U-turn on a cliff

The YouTube channel – DrivingSkill – shared the now-viral video showing a “master driver” executing the daring U-turn over a cliff.

While it is not clear where the stunt took place (some users pointed out that it was filmed somewhere in Hong Kong), viewers were left impressed, nonetheless.

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“It was really Challenging. By the way GREAT DRIVING SKILLS,” said one YouTube user in the comment section. “The time he spent trying to get it right is way more than the time would have taken to drive all the way round. This guy’s a genius,” said another.

Others said that this is what they go through to simply parallel park.

“I’m learning driving now and this is how I feel while parallel parking.”

A perfect 80-point turn?

While most viewers praised the “perfect 80-point turn”, Nerdist points out that the stunt was not actually filmed over a cliff.

“Beneath the car was another road, carefully concealed,” writes Eric Diaz for the publication. “We’re not saying it still wasn’t dangerous. That would have still been a nasty drop. But not as bad as it looks upon the first watch. But it’s doubtful this would have gone as viral as it did if it was just ‘look at this impossible u-turn’.”

You can see the video from a different angle – showing the other road in perfect view – down here:

Going viral for daring driving stunts

The YouTube channel now features different videos of the same stunt or stunts and has subsequently gone viral.

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