WATCH: Man killed by 40 crocodiles [VIDEO]

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An elderly Cambodian man has been killed by about 40 crocodiles when he fell into their enclosure in his family’s reptile farm. The incident reportedly happened on Friday, 26 May.  According to AFP, the 72-year-old was trying to move a crocodile out of a cage where it had laid eggs when it grabbed the stick he was using as a goad and pulled him in. The main group of reptiles then reportedly set about him, tearing his body to pieces and leaving the concrete enclosure at the farm in Siem Reap awash with blood. 

Meanwhile, A Kruger National Park trail guide reportedly escaped the jaws of a 3.5-meter-long crocodile. Mark Montgomery, a well-known experienced guide, was out hiking with a group on the Kruger Trail in Mpumalanga, according to the South Coast Herald.

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Video: The South African YouTube channel

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