[WATCH] ‘Mama Joy: ‘Deputy president says I’m going to Olympics’

[WATCH] ‘Mama Joy: ‘Deputy president says I’m going to Olympics’

Joy Chauke known as Mama Joy is catching smoke after calling John Steenhuisen the new deputy president.


Mama Joy took to X on Wednesday, 19 June to share a video with John Steenhuisen at the Union Buildings to reveal that she’s going to the Olympic Games.

In the video, the DA leader thanks Mama Joy for proudly representing the country, to which she declares him the country’s deputy president and rubs it in DA member, Renaldo Gouws’ face.

“Am at Union Building. Look who I met, the Deputy President Steenhuisen thanking Mamajoy for representing SA and bringing the trophy back home and also said am going to the Olympics. Not even ⁦@RenaldoGouws⁩ will stop me to go to the Olympics⁩,” she captioned the video.

South Africans were however not impressed with the sports fanatic and revealed she should pay for her own trips, while some dragged her for calling Steenhuisen the country’s deputy president.

Am at Union Building look who I met The Deputy President Steenhuysen @Thanking Mamajoy for representing SA and bringing the trophy back home and also said am going to the Olympics not even ⁦@RenaldoGouws⁩ will stop me to go to the Olympics ⁦⁦@ChrisExcel102pic.twitter.com/QGbYp4MhJB

— MamaJoy Chauke (@JoyChauke5) June 19, 2024


@Despecial01: “Mama Joy is very strategic. She knows the DA will now have power to stop the lavish travelling. She’s been enjoying at the expense of taxpayers money so she’s trying to get the DA in her corner, smart lady.”

@colin_porki: “Shame, begging will get you nowhere! Time to pay for your own trips around the globe!”

@MandisiEugene_: “Today it’s all smiles with him. Next week they’ll close all the taps & sponsorship you’ve been getting to attend all those international sporting events.”

@GhostGarvey2: “The Deputy President Steenhuisen? @JoyChauke5, it seems you are on speed dial to the office of the president. That’s a scoop and hordes of Journalists would envy you… Spill more beans. Please.”

They don’t even like you pic.twitter.com/HX0jnsKHMn

— The Instigator (@Am_Blujay) June 19, 2024


Mama Joy’s latest video comes after she received a warning from Renaldo Gouws that she won’t be attending the Paris Olympics.

“Gravy Train has derailed. She can work and earn a salary and then use that money to travel the world,” he wrote on X.

IOL reports that Mama Joy benefited to the tune of R1.3 million from taxpayers to fund a trip to France for the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

The publication adds that the money was sponsored by Zizi Kodwa’s Department of Sport, which spent big bucks on Mama Joy and superfan Botha Msila.

The well-known sports fanatic kickstarted her spectator career more than 30 years ago as South Africa’s most famous and diehard sports fan, according to SABC Sports.