Watch: Malema nails TikTok challenge during grandmother’s farewell

Economic Freedom Fighter leader Julius Malema celebrated a personal moment over the weekend. Malema had been joined by his family for a ceremony to unveil his beloved grandmother Sarah’s tombstone.

EFF leader Julius Malema bid his beloved grandmother farewell over the past weekend. Image: Twitter/ EFF

EFF leader bids grandmother final, festive, farewell

The EFF head was known to have shared a close relationship with his grandmother. Despite this, Malema was determined to celebrate her life instead of mourning her loss.

The EFF shared a video of Malema doing his own version of a popular TikTok dance challenge during the ceremony.

“What could be an occasion without a 66 dance by our CIC. He killed it alone, without the red brigade team,”

Economic Freedom Fighters

Malema’s legacy will live on

Sarah passed away back in 2019 but Malema is confident that his family will ensure that her legacy lives on. In fact, Malema highlighted his belief that his grandmother’s immortality is cemented by her kin.

“I prayed for this day to come so  I can unveil her tombstone. My grandmother did not die. People do not die. They live through their children because their children repeat everything we do. We, therefore, need to invest in our children,”

EFF leader Julius Malema.

In a touching moment, Malema revealed that his grandmother was unintentionally buried next to her daughter.

“We must never mourn people forever because they live in us. My grandmother is buried next to her daughter, not because we had planned or arranged but for some reason when we went there, the graves were next to each other. They lived together alive and chose to live together even in death.”

EFF leader Julius Malema.

On the official party Twitter page, the Economic Freedom Fighters commented that its leader had been extremely emotional leading up to the occasion.

“The CIC has shared with us that, yesterday, he wept for a very long time knowing that today he is closing an intense relationship he had with his grandmother. This evening he is celebrating his life because people don’t die, but continue to live through us.”

Economic Freedom Fighters

[VIDEO ]: What could be an occasion without a 66 dance by our CIC…

He killed it alone, without the Red Brigade Team.

— Economic Freedom Fighters (@EFFSouthAfrica) December 11, 2021

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