WATCH: Jon Moxley returns to AEW with gold and a warning

Jon Moxley returned to AEW for the first time since winning the IWGP championship in Japan.

Moxley explained what it meant to him to win the title.

Jon Moxley returns to AEW with gold

He revealed that proving doubters wrong is why he is in AEW.

“20 years ago, I was swimming upstream when I won one of my first championships. I never had help. My message: watch me. Watch me as a climb mountain after mountain. Being great is not about what other people say, it’s about what’s inside,” Moxley said.

“This is the IWGP Championship. This championship is steeped in history. It is illustrious to the extreme and I have been chasing it for five years. Five years of pints of sweat and blood, thousands of miles across the ocean and back again. Me holding this wasn’t impossible if people knew what is inside of me. How deep can you dig when you are choking on your own blood? Are you willing to prove the doubters wrong? That’s what AEW is about!”

Targeting the Don Callis Family

Moxley also took the time to call out the Don Callis Family.

He threatened to take out the biggest and baddest member of the Family. None other than Powerhouse Hobbs.

Moxley took issue at the Family targeting his Blackpool Combat Club teammate Bryan Danielson.

“Which brings me to my point,” Moxley went on. 

“This Don Callis Family, some very talented individuals have got themselves in league with Don Callis. He’s a creep. He’s feeding them lies and they are buying them. And over the weekend they put a hit out and tried to injure my teammate, Bryan Danielson. If you put a target on his back, you might as well put one on mine.

“If you guys want to be tough guys, you’re welcome to come find me. But I suspect I’m not your type. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to pick the biggest, meanest, baddest one of you—Powerhouse Hobbs. And I’m going to challenge him to a match in the main event one week from tonight at Dynamite. And I’m not going to make it quick or easy. I’m going to drag him to the deepest waters, and he’ll see no shoreline and he’ll sink to the bottom of the ocean. And he’ll know the difference between me and him and that Don Callis is feeding him lies. No one can touch me and there is only one Jon Moxley!”

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