Watch: Hippo attacks male lions attempting to cross the river [watch]

The real-time wildlife sharing app, Latest Sightings, shared a new video that shows an angry hippo chasing down a pride of male lions who attempted to cross the river.

The king of the jungle vs bloat of hippos

Great Plains Conservation shared the footage in July 2022, saying that the encounter took place in the Selinda Reserve in Botswana.

While Lions are considered to be the kings of the jungle, they also need to move through difficult terrain and risk dangerous encounters just like every other animal, especially when their circumstances require it.

“[This pride of lions] were clearly aware of the hippos around them but obviously felt the need to get to the other side of the river,” Great Plains Conservation explained to Latest Sightings. “As soon as they started to cross, they realised they were now in unchartered waters that had already been claimed. But was it too late to turn around?”

Hippos are also very territorial and are known as very dangerous animals – especially when one gets too close to the water.

Chasing down a threat

“Four lions crossing were understandably a threat to these hippos as they just saw these massive lions entering their territory. Unaware that the cats were most probably merely trying to cross.”

Viewers can see in the video how one hippo makes it his mission to get these lions out of the water. Not to eat or even severely injure the lion, but to make it clear that uninvited guests are not welcome in their home.

“Two lions succeeded in crossing the river, but the other two managed to turn around in time and swim back to the other side. All in all, no lions were severely injured. However, half of the pride were yet to decide how to get back over to their pride members on the other side.”

Watch the footage down here:

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