October 28, 2021


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WATCH: DA’s Angus McKenzie is at it again – with his ‘election rap’

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Oh man, when has a politician performing a rap ever ended well? Angus McKenzie is not a man who will be deterred, however. Fresh from blessing us all with his Ghostbusters-inspired campaign video at the start of the month, Bonteheuwel’s DA Councillor has come up with yet another creative effort.

Angus McKenzie’s creative campaign ads…

His ‘Bonteheuwel Peace Anthem’ is almost six minutes long, and features a variety of musical styles. There’s gospel, modern contemporary pop, and a little bit of groove thrown in there. However, it’s Angus McKenzie himself who steals the spotlight, by performing an original rap about the Western Cape town he represents.

In the video, we get a lot of dancing, a lot of singing, and a lot of campaign promises. McKenzie wants to keep children safe from abuse, and also has a desire to prevent more shootings from taking place in Bonteheuwel. However, when a DA Councillor fancies themself as someone who can spit bars, it’s always worth a watch:

Watch DA Councillor perform rap in own music video

[WATCH] Bonteheuwel councillor back with another video as we draw closer to elections. Angus McKenzie is running for re-election as councillor.

The video is over 5 minutes@WeekendArgus pic.twitter.com/B4HUcj8m4p

— Veve (@LudidiVelani) October 12, 2021

Who is Angus McKenzie?

Indeed, Angus McKenzie has been a busy man with his on-camera activities. If nothing else, people are at least talking about him and his campaign in a way they weren’t before. The project has been successful in drawing more attention to his political goals – and his rap skills seem to be less controversial than his last performance.

In the ‘Call Angus’ parody video released at the beginning of last week, McKenzie was seen pretending to punch gangsters to the floor in an act of vigilantism. Of course, he was dragged for this, but the Bonteheuwel Peace Anthem is perhaps only guilty of being a bit cringe, rather than outright offensive.

So that’s a step in the right direction, we guess…