Watch: Cape Town teen brutally assaults elderly man [Graphic warning]

Warning: This video of an assault in Cape Town contains footage which some viewers may find upsetting.

A shocking video has become the viral clip of the week online, for all the wrong reasons. Footage shows a teenager in Cape Town arguing with an elderly gentleman in Cape Town, before violently knocking him to the ground. After days of speculation, police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.

Viral clip leaves viewers stunned

It was initially believed that the blow had killed the unknown male, but we’ve since been told that he got up and walked away minutes after being assaulted. However, there are now allegations that the victim had spat in the face of his young assailant moments before the camera started rolling.

Regardless of what preceded this ugly confrontation, the nature of the video is jarring. The man appears to be unconscious while he falls, as serious questions about his health have since been raised. It’s understood that this took place in the Observatory region of Cape Town, as law enforcement officials try to establish the details behind this skirmish.

Watch: Cape Town teen assaults elderly male – [graphic warning]

Local police force scrambling for answers after assault goes viral

The video has been shared thousands of times across multiple social media platforms. The plea for information from the police has been extended to the wider public, after local residents and workers were quizzed about this incident. What we can tell is that the force of the elbow to the head had the potential to cause some serious damage.

December usually serves as silly season in South Africa, and this whole confrontation is as bizarre as it is brutal. Woodstock Police are now handling the follow-up inquiries, and they are yet to make an arrest.