“Warning shots shouldn’t kill” – Toobu calls for probe into Tema deaths

Peter Lanchene Toobu, the Member of Parliament for Wa West, has called for accountability in the handling of firearms, prompted by the tragic fatalities during the 2024 Kpelejoo Festival in Tema.

Toobu emphasized that the incident, initially described by the security agency as a warning shot, should not have culminated in the loss of lives.

His remarks come in the wake of a recent confrontation between some youth and the Ghana Navy at Tema during the 2024 Kpelejoo Festival, resulting in the death of two individuals with two others sustaining injuries.

During an appearance on Breakfast Daily on Thursday, April 18, the Wa West MP expressed his surprise and apprehension regarding the misrepresentation of warning shots.

“What happened in Tema, I was surprised when someone said they gave a warning shot. Warning shots do not kill. It is another level of force used to tell people not to close that red line. When you hear the sound of the gun, it tells you we can actually shoot so please stop there; it is a warning and that is what it is.

“So, when you give a warning shot and…two people die whether it is through the bullet or not, we are saying that warning shots do not kill. When they become fatal they are no longer warning shots, you have to be held accountable for every bullet you shot,” he stated.

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