January 27, 2021


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Vote recount in Georgia and Wisconsin should not alter defeat of Trump, say officials

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Vote recount in Georgia and Wisconsin should not alter defeat of Trump, authorities say Image: Image: Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock

(Reuters) – The president’s efforts Donald Trump to remain in power they seemed more tenuous than ever today, as election officials in Georgia said a recount to be completed was unlikely to change President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Georgia is one of several states where the campaign team from Trump is contesting electoral results, so far unsuccessful. Election officials said the results of the recount, which are due to be announced on Thursday, should not nullify Biden’s 14,000 vote in the state. They also said that the recount would not provide evidence for the unsubstantiated allegations of widespread fraud. Trump.

“He was misinformed on that front,” Gabriel Sterling, the manager of the state’s voting system, told reporters.

Election officials in Wisconsin also said that a partial recount requested by Trump it would not reverse the Republican’s defeat in that state, where he won in 2016.

Out of public view, the Republican Trump continues to express his irritation on Twitter, where he made allegations of electoral fraud, some of which have not been proven by evidence and others are proven to be false.

Biden, a Democrat, warned that the delay in recognizing him as a winner could mean that the United States will be “weeks and months behind” in preparations to distribute a vaccine against the coronavirus.

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The unfounded claims of Trump about the election being “rigged” are failing in the courts, but opinion polls show they have a political benefit, with about half the Republicans believing the statements, according to a Reuters / Ipsos poll.

The Wisconsin Election Commission said it would oversee the recount in two heavily democratic counties – Milwaukee and Dane, which includes Madison – after the Trump paid $ 3 million, less than the estimated cost of $ 7.9 million for a state recount.

Dane County Secretary Scott McDonell said the recount will begin on Friday and end in a few days. Only a few hundred votes changed in the county recount after the 2016 presidential election, he said.

At the Electoral College of States, which determines the winner of the election, Biden obtained 306 votes against 232 Trump. The Democrat won the popular vote by more than 5.8 million votes.

Biden won in Wisconsin by more than 20,000 votes, with an advantage over Trump from 49.5% to 48.8%.

To stay in office, Trump it would have to reverse the results in at least three crucial states to reach the 270 vote mark, which would be unprecedented.

Source: Vote recount in Georgia and Wisconsin should not alter defeat of Trump, say officials