Vioja Mahakamani actor Gibson Gathu appeals for medical assistance

Gibson Gathu has suffered from kidney failure for two years now.

Gibson Gathu Mbugua is a household name to thousands of Kenyans due to his role in one of Kenya’s most iconic shows, Vioja Mahakamani. Vioja Mahakamani has been broadcast for over 25 years and can be viewed on KBC Channel 1. Gibson is famed for playing the role of ‘prosecutor’ in the comedy court drama show, a role he executed perfectly for years. After battling diabetes for 20 years, Gibson’s kidneys are failing him and he is in dire need of assistance.

The actor is a father of four, three girls and one boy. He has also been married to his wife for thirty years. Apart from Vioja Mahakamani, he has also has had prominent roles in shows such as Varshita, Vitimbi, Jungu Kuu, Kivunja Mbavu, Mchezo wa Hadithi and a film named The Air Up There. He has also been featured in several TV commercials

A medical appeal poster shared online reads that Gibson’s kidneys failed in 2020 and he has been attending dialysis twice a week. The appeal says that Gibson has a kidney donor but requires KSH 5 – 6 million for a kidney transplant scheduled for July 2022. A fundraiser has been scheduled for 11th of June 2022 at City Hall, Nairobi, from 2:00 p.m. Well-wishers and fans can send their contributions to Paybill No: 247247 Account No: 777626 Account Name: Gibson Gathu Mbugua.

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