Vinka Reveals Ownership Dynamics of Her Music with Swangz Avenue

Vinka Reveals Ownership Dynamics of Her Music with Swangz Avenue

By BigEyeUg Team

Renowned Ugandan songstress Vinka has made a striking revelation about the ownership of her music.


In a recent statement on a local radio station, Vinka clarified that Swangz Avenue, the label she is signed to, owns the rights to her music. “Swangz Avenue owns my music,” Vinka stated. “When I leave the label, I’ll have to buy the music. That’s how the music business is supposed to be.”

Vinka, whose real name is Veronica Luggya, signed with Swangz Avenue as a musician in 2017. Before embarking on her successful singing career, she worked as an artist manager for over three years, notably managing fellow artist Irene Ntale.

Since joining Swangz Avenue, Vinka has enjoyed a flourishing career, releasing several hit songs and earning numerous music accolades.

Her partnership with the label has been marked by notable success, establishing her as one of Uganda’s leading music talents.

The singer’s statement sheds light on the business side of the music industry, emphasizing the common practice where record labels retain ownership of the music produced under their contract. As Vinka continues to thrive in her career, her remarks provide insight into the professional and financial dynamics that shape the music business.

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