[VIDEO] Woman brutalised by lawmaker, others cry for justice

[VIDEO] Woman brutalised by lawmaker, others cry for justice


…I wasn’t involved -Lawmaker

By Egufe Yafugborhi

A housewife, Mrs Love Nwanyanwu has cried out for justice as she nurses pains of injuries sustained from brutality suffered in the hands of her in-laws allegedly led by Blackson Nwanyanwu, Leader of Etche Local Government (LG) Legislative Arm, Rivers state.

Love, 46, said, Blackson, her husband’s nephew and three other relatives battered her to stupor passed Sunday on allegation that she was a hindrance to their family, Blackson’s mother in particular.

The councillor has however denied being part of the assault on the victim, contrary a phone conversation with Jessica Nwanyanwu, daughter to Love, who affirmed that Blackson admitted leading the beating on her mother and boasting he doesn’t regret his action.

Love, 46, said, “I was at the family home in Etche passed Sunday at about 7pm when Blackson, along with Chukwudi Nwanyanwu, Nwachi Nwanyanwu and Ruth Amadi ensnared and swooped on me.

“They said I am the problem of the family, and they started beating me. The dragged me to the other house, and locked up it up, hitting my face, all over my body. One pulled a chair and hit it on my head. When he saw blood gushing, they left me in pain.

“They said I am insulting and causing problem for their mother. That was somebody my husband trained through university. I paid his fees. What he’s giving me in return is pains. He said he’s no regret over his action.”[VIDEO] Woman brutalised by lawmaker, others cry for justice

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When contacted, Blackson in denial said, “I don’t know anything about that matter. The person in question is my uncle’s wife anyway. I only heard something happened. I was not there.”

However, over a phone confrontation, Jessica Nwanyanwu, daughter to Love, had affirmed Blackson boasting about the battering meted out to her mother. “He’s just denying, knowing the enormity of the offense. He was the person I spoke to”, Jessica said.

In the recorded phone conversation, the voice identified by Jessica as that of the lawmaker was heard saying, “I never exchanged any word with your mother before, neither have I insulted your father before, but your mum keeps insulting me, cursing me every day when I’ve never had any issue with her.

“I now asked what have I done? What would then make her be laying curses on me? I came around 10 am, saw your Dad at the veranda. I parked at the backyard and came out. I was with your Dad and another visitor.

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