Victoria Hamah and brother, Lord Hamah dirty themselves on social media

Victoria Hamah and brother, Lord Hamah

Lord Hamah, a former propaganda secretary of the and Victoria Hamah, a former Deputy Minister of Communications under the ex-John Mahama administration have engaged in a ‘fight’ on social media.

The strong NDC members seem not to be on good terms despite being blood-related.

Lord Hamah according to a post on social media has described his elder sister Victoria Lakshmi Hamah, as “a national sex symbol”.

Lord lost his cool following a comment his sister made on Facebook that seemingly did not go down well with him. Below shows how it all started;

Lord Hamah on Monday, December 21, wrote on his Facebook timeline: “I will not honour defeat.”

Victoria Lakshmi Hamah, who was the second person to comment on her brother’s post, wrote: “You contested elections and had 3 votes.”

Victoria Hamah
Victoria Hamah

This did not go down well with Lord Hamah who then started the acrimonious language on his elder sister.

“Victoria Lakshmi Hamah, I did not contest as Head of State. You are stupid. You provoke my relation to be your idiocy. You fail to understand that you are a symbol of provocative male lust.” he replied Victoria.

Vicky Hamah then questioned:

“Lord Hamah, why the insult. All I said is you have also seen defeat by securing for yourself 3 votes which have made you very bitter. Just move from there and catch some new victories or? Lol.”

Lord Hamah came back and wrote,

“A national sex symbol”. This did not go down well with his elder sister who then in a further comment replied: “Lord Hamah, what does that even mean? I am older than you ooo not some 20-year-old woman. How does a 39-year-old woman become a national sex symbol? Then Ghanaian women are very ugly….”

Lord Hamah angrily dropped hot punches on his sister, he wrote:

“Victoria Lakshmi Hamah, bury yourself in the grave of time. Find a man to carry and serve, your social reliance is sex. Victoria Lakshmi Hamah, you are an ingrate. Find a husband. You abused power and locked your brother in [a] police cell. You called Sargent Osei, now inspector, to lock me and put me in Nsawam. You are an incarnation of evil. Without purpose but blind ambition. Go to hell with your moribund agenda of greed, and one million dollars. I am coming to terms with the demise of comrade Culture, and not in a diatribe with [an] irrelevant person like you.”

See below their verbal fight on social media;

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