Vagla Youth Association inaugurates Savannah Regional branch

The Vagla Youth Association (VAYA) has inaugurated a branch at Damongo, the capital of the Savannah Region.

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The Damongo branch is to mobilise members of the VAYA ethnic groups in and around West Gonja municipality into the association.

The Vagla Youth Association is a non-political youth umbrella of the Vagla, Safalba, Choraa, and the Nomee ethnic groups with communities in the Bole, Sawla-Tuna-Kalba districts, and West Gonja municipality in the Savannah Region of Ghana.

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It has branches in most major cities of the country with the Damongo branch being the latest.

In his inaugural speech read by Justice Tokoro, the National Organiser, the National President of the association, Mr. Emmanuel Kungi said VAYA is committed to working with all youth groups and organizations in a true spirit of mutual trust to achieve peaceful co-existence that can lead to building sustainable development adding that it was only through peace that there can be development.

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He noted that the Vaglas and Gonjas are partners in the traditional administration of their communities and have co-existed for a very long time.

“Because of inter-ethnic marriages there has been a strong bonding between Gonjas and their brothers, the Vaglas,” he said.

“To enhance peaceful co-existence and development, VAYA wishes to appeal to the Gonja Traditional Council in Damongo to work for hand -in -hand with VAYA on issues of mutual benefits.”

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Damongo constituency, Adam Mutawakilu urged members of the association to have a unity of purpose.

Mr. Garlus, as the MP is affectionately called said he is committed to partnering with the association to achieve its aims and objectives and expressed hope he will work closely with the branch in Damongo in the years ahead.

He said he has undertaken developmental projects in every community which he believes members of VAYA have also benefited from and was hopeful his mandate will be renewed.

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