University student wins ticket to France after winning singing competition

Natasha Vaati Kyalo, a twenty-one-year-old university student has won a ticket to visit France courtesy of French Embassy in Kenya after emerging the winner of French singing competition organized by the Mitahato French Village in Kiambu.

The competition that had attracted contesters mostly students from local institutions had its climax at Mitahato French Village in Githunguri where locals had their day of fun and pride by having many international players visit this village.

The ceremony coincided with the launch of the international Francophonie Month, meant to celebrate the French language and cultures.

While announcing the winner of the competition, Dunn Porter a representative of The Mitahato French village in France said this competition had exposed young French speakers to other opportunities that can only be found by the multi-linguals.

Chris Mburu founder of the Mitahato French Village said this year’s competition was organized to give Kenyans a chance to show case their talents in French and thanked the French Embassy for their support in donating the ultimate prize of ticket to France.

He encouraged young people to learn other languages as they will stand a chance in the ever-changing world where only the ready will capture opportunity that come by.

Natasha Kyalo, this year’s winner of the completion was all joy after being declared the winner and said she was greatly excited, thanking God for rewarding her hard work.

She said despite her being a civil engineering student in the university had gotten herself time to write and practicing the song that presented her this opportunity of winning in French culture.

Natasha was among five other contestants who were shortlist to participate in the finals where the winners were given five words to use when composing their songs.

A French woman working at the United nations surprised many by her fluency in Kiswahili when she thanked the organizers of the competition where she said her knowledge of Kiswahili has opened many doors for her calling on Kenyans to also learn French as second language.

Msaifu Mabruki also a Swahili commentator and a teacher said Kiswahili and French were two Key languages being spoken widely in Africa and people should learn to speak both as languages of necessity

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