Universal working on ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ movie musical

Universal is working on a movie musical take of The Phantom of the Opera.

The studio will tackle a reimagining of its famous cinematic horror story with a modern musical update based on Phantom by John Fusco.

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Singer John Legend will produce the project alongside Emmy and Grammy-nominated producer Harvey Mason Jr and Mike Jackson.

Phantom of the Opera was written in the early 1900s by Gaston Leroux and tells the tale of a masked murderer who stalks a Paris opera house and falls in love with a gifted understudy who he tries to bend to his will and make a star – killing anybody who stands in his way.

Modern audiences will know the story through the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical but it was also one of the first hit films for Universal, who adapted it in a 1925 silent horror film starring Lon Chaney.

The pic will be an adaptation of the 1910 Gaston Leroux novel ‘Phantom Of The Opera,’ set in contemporary New Orleans https://t.co/z31o9LdV57 pic.twitter.com/CVUVUMdcIU

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The new tale will be set in New Orleans and will take in all of the city’s mystique.

“I have long waited to explore The Phantom of the Opera in a contemporary and new way and in a French Quarter setting. New Orleans is not only known as America’s most haunted city, but the music, Creole culture, voodoo mystique and the pageantry of Mardi Gras, inspire a natural adaptation of the original Paris setting,” said Fusco.

The new project follows Universal’s tradition of monster movies, which have famously included beloved takes on characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy.

The studio has recently adopted a more creative approach to its monster universe, with a Wolfman project starring Ryan Gosling currently in the works.

John Legend is producing a modern day musical reimagining of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ titled ‘Phantom’ that is set in New Orleans.

(https://t.co/IDjwofS4QC) pic.twitter.com/Sc72M2an3Q

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