Ugandan Youths Launch Continental

A group of Ugandan youths under the “Youth Tech Startup,” based in Uganda have launched a digital addressing platform dubbed: Africa Digital Address System (ADAS) that allows people to create, personalize and possess simple and unique addresses.

ADAS, according to these youth, is a user-friendly online platform “that has been created to combat the challenges of providing services to people without proper formal addresses.”

Since African communities bear similarities in the structures of their settlements, where for example Urban and peri-urban settlements in Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria and many other African countries share the same characteristics, there is a challenge when identifying one’s location for service delivery, which ADAS says is trying solve according to Yusuf Kayiwa, one of the founding members

“In a peri-urban community, you will find that most of the people are living on unnamed streets so directing you to deliver a service to them becomes difficult” he said.

He added that there is also a growing reliance on the digital space for service delivery in multiple sectors like commerce, health, and travel among others. “This is the gap that ADAS has come to address,” he noted adding,

“With ADAS, anyone can create a digital address for exactly where they are. The service provider will then be able to locate them using GPS and reduce chances of getting lost and wasting time,” he said.

Kayiwa noted that the ADAS service is very precise because one can create an address that’s unique to where they are standing at a particular moment, or even for a room in a large mall.

“ADAS provides permanent digital addresses for people’s homes, offices or businesses premises as well as temporary addresses you can use on the go or during an emergency situation,” he said.

This implies that someone can have an ADAS to hail a ride, call a mechanic when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, direct your food delivery guy, call a medical worker for drug refills like; ARVs or any other services and so much more, according to Kayiwa

“This service is so easy to use. The address is created in less than a minute and has the benefit of pinpoint accuracy. We have seen complaints of users being misled by other location apps but with ADAS, we are sure to guide your way” Yusuf noted further.

On keeping people’s privacy, Kayiwa said that ADAS addresses are created with a random numeric code.

“Therefore, whereas your code could be UG-273-205, your next-door neighbour’s code could be something like UG-408-012,” he noted.

This he said makes it difficult for anyone to know your address unless you have shared it. This address is as easy to remember as your phone number.

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