Ugandan Embassies Participate in Rotary Cancer Run


The Ugandan Missions around the world took part in the Rotary Cancer Run 2022 on Sunday to raise funds for support to the Cancer Institute back home.

The appeal calling on Ugandan Missions abroad to mobilize Ugandans in the diaspora to participate in this noble cause to support the Rotary Cancer Run had been made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gen Jeje Odongo early last week.

Over 2,100 people die every year in Uganda due to Cancer. While that number could be brought down, there is a significant lack of equipment for treatment in Uganda.

The Rotary Cancer Run aimed to raise 11.8 billion shillings towards the construction of two bunkers and two cancer machines in Kampala.

At the Uganda High Commission in Kigali, Rwanda, the Mission staff was led by the Deputy Head of Mission, Amb. Anne Katusiime, and participants included; the Under 18 handball team from Uganda, some members of the Rotary Club Rwanda, and the Ugandan Diaspora in Rwanda among others.

Others Missions that participated in the Cancer Run include; the Ugandan Mission in New Delhi, India; Consulate in Mombasa, Kenya; Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Bujumbura, Burundi among others.

The Rotary Cancer Run at the Ugandan Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan.

In New Delhi, the Deputy Head of the Ugandan Mission Amb. Margaret Lucy Kyogire thanked the Diaspora for participating in the Run.

She said that the High Commission stands in solidarity with the Rotary Cancer Run Initiative.

Amb. Kyogire drew the runners’ attention to the severity of Cancer in its final stages and encouraged them to go for periodic medical examinations owing to the fact that Cancer can be detected, treated and managed before it advances to its deadly stages.

At Ugandan Consulate in Mombasa, Kenya, the run was led Moses Syahuka, the First Secretary at the Consulate on behalf of the Consul General.

“I take this honour to welcome you to this very important event which has been well organised and your all-inclusive participation .We continue praying for families which have cancer patients and for us to have come in such big numbers is testimony enough to show solidarity with them,” he said.

“We are planning to have similar sports/Team building events at the Consulate at least every 3 to 4 months and the instructor and a few of us are designing something for us to maintain the spirit of togetherness through the sport,” he added.

The Rotary Cancer Run at the Ugandan Consulate in Mombasa, Kenya.

In Khartoum – Sudan, the run was led by Amb. Dickson Ogwang, the Ugandan Envoy at the Embassy.

In his remarks, Ambassador Ogwang said it was the first time Ugandan Mission Khartoum was taking part in the Cancer Run with the mandate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Administration, and encouraged participants to make it an annual routine.

He said that the Mission in Khartoum is committed to mobilizing the world about cancer and raising funds for the cause.

“While we run, we remember colleagues long taken to glory by cancer, raise funds to care for cancer patients, and seek necessary support to lighten the burden of struggling with Cancer. We should be careful with our lifestyle in order to avoid and minimize the chances of being affected by cancer and other Non-Communicable Diseases,” said Amb. Ogwang.

The Rotary Cancer Run at the Uganda High Commission, New Delhi, India.

He encouraged participants to exercise regularly, mind their diet and ensure frequent medical checkups as a personal discipline, adding that annual general medical should be embraced.

Amb. Ogwang appreciated the positive turn up despite and the mobilization done following instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kampala through Minister Jeje Odongo to participate and support the noble cause.

Members of staff at the Embassy, and Ugandan living in Sudan unanimously committed to a regular joint exercise to improve physical fitness and social cohesion among members.

This, Ambassador Ogwang said, will be a monthly joint physical exercise at the auspices of the Mission.

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