Two killed, ten others injured after being struck by lightning on soccer field

Two men were killed while ten other people were injured on Saturday when lightning struck a soccer field in Sheepmoor, Mpumalanga. 


According to ER24 emergency services, the tragic incident happened late on Saturday afternoon. 

“This afternoon, two men were killed and ten others injured when they were struck by lightning on a soccer field in Sheepmoor, Mpumalanga.

“ER24 and the Provincial EMS arrived on the scene shortly after 18h00 to find two men lying beneath a tree while ten others were scattered around the soccer field,” it said in a statement. 


“Unfortunately, nothing could be done for them, and they were declared dead, ER24 said. 

Paramedics assessed the patients and found that the two men beneath the tree, both believed to be 18-years-old, showed no signs of life. 

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Ten other men and women were assessed and found to have sustained injuries ranging from minor to serious.

“The patients were treated and thereafter transported to Ermelo Provincial Hospital for urgent treatment.

Local authorities were on the scene for further investigations,” it said.

Five tips to keep you, your family safe when there is lightning activity: 

Don’t shelter under trees, near water, on high ground or in open fields. 
The first rule of keeping safe is to head back indoors when there is lightning. It’s also important to note that lightning often occurs around the edges of a thundercloud, so it doesn’t mean it’s safe just because it hasn’t started raining yet. 
A car is a safe place to shelter. If lightning does happen to strike the car directly, it will be conducted through the metal frame of the car and into the ground. Avoid leaning on car doors during a storm as the electricity travels through the frame.
Lightning can damage electronics, telephones, and other systems in your house that are connected to an electrical outlet – unplug them when you hear the first clap of thunder. 
 Don’t forget to bring your pets inside. Dog houses and other pet shelters are not suitable for protection against lightning strikes.

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