Twist in Fritz sex case: Former intern Zephany Nurse ‘willing to testify’

In a bizarre turn of events, the woman formerly known as Zephany Nurse could end up testifying against Western Cape MEC Albert Fritz – after she was given an internship role in his office, back in 2015.

Who is Zephany Nurse?

Nurse, otherwise known as Miché Solomon, was snatched from her cot as a baby in 1997. Some 17 years later, her flabbergasting disappearance was solved, leading to a high-profile kidnapping trial.

The case made international headlines, and even inspired the hit Netflix series, Blood And Water. However, when she turned 18, Albert Fritz offered her the chance to come and work with him in provincial government.

Wild turn in Albert Fritz sex case

This week, MEC Fritz was suspended from all of his political roles, and he has ‘stepped aside’ to address multiple allegations of sexual assault. The DA veteran is accused of abusing ‘younger employees’, and its understood the claims go back years – Zephany Nurse *might* just be privy to some vital information.

She took to Facebook on Tuesday, explaining that she will not be making any official statements for the time being. However, Nurse did confirm should would be willing to testify ‘if asked to do so’.

“With regards to this post and a lot of questions and calls I have been receiving concerning MEC, Albert Fritz… it’s a sensitive matter. I have also been receiving legal advice on this matter as from my lawyer.”

“I have decided not to make any statements to the media at this time. If there are legal proceedings and if I am asked to testify, then I will be willing to do so.”

Zephany Nurse (Miché Solomon)

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