Tweeps swoon over #BBMzansi’s Lil Wayne & demand for Mvelo’s exit

It’s only been three days and Big Brother Mzansi (#BBMzansi) viewers are swooning over Themba (Lil Wayne) and are already counting down to Mvelo’s exit.  

Viewers are in two minds about Mvelo’s personality and can’t figure him out.   

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Mvelo every time he ends a sentence:#BigBrotherMzansi #BBMzansi

— VEE (@sassie_Vee) January 24, 2022


#BBMzansi viewers are fed up with housemate Mvelo Ntuli and would like Themba Lil Wayne to make it to the finals.  

Audiences do not understand Mvelo’s personality and are annoyed with him already.   

Fans of the reality show started disliking him when the housemates shared their backgrounds.  

According to #BBMzansi Mvelo didn’t seem genuine when he was sharing his childhood stories as he was giggling about everything.   

The reality star is also not in the good books with tweeps because he’s always holding a plate of food in his hand.   

“This Mvelo guy is just there to eat!” exclaimed one viewer.

Another said, “Every time I see Mvelo… he’s holding a plate or eating.”  

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Mvelo must keep quiet because now they have to work hard for the wager because he finished the food. #BBMzansi

— A (@AforAmogelang) January 26, 2022


#BBMzansi has their version of Lil Wayne who is as heavily tattooed as the United States rapper.   

His real name is Themba Karabo Mabaso and he’s a 30-year-old artist from Johannesburg. He’s revealed that he’s got two kids, a boy, and a girl, and describes himself as “simple”, “basic” and “normal”,   

He also mentioned in his interview that he doesn’t actively seek the spotlight despite his attention-grabbing looks.  

Viewers of the show love his authenticity, humour, and honesty…  

A fan tweeted that he always tells it like it is no matter what.   

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Mvelo must keep quiet because now they have to work hard for the wager because he finished the food. #BBMzansi

— A (@AforAmogelang) January 26, 2022



“#BBMzansi Can we Vote Mvelo out, please?”  


“I want Themba aka Lil Wayne to win.”  


“Mina I love him for his imperfections. I’ll die with Themba/Lil Wayne.” 


“Mvelo, Dinky n Acacia please go home.” 


“Mvelo doesn’t belong here.”  


“I think Mvelo comes off as very fake to me.”

“I wouldn’t mind him if he was comfortable in himself but he’s always trying to convince us that he’s straight.”

“He doesn’t even need to discuss his sexuality.”

Mvelo will go first #BBMzansi

— Navigator.. (@ThabisoLloydNza) January 26, 2022

Everytime i see mvelo… he’s holding a plate or eating… #BBMzansi

— DREAM IT_ACHIEVE IT (@Leboo_Lash) January 24, 2022

When is Mvelo leaving again? #bbmzansi #BigBrotherMzansi

— Nkabikazi (@Iam_TheBossLady) January 26, 2022

They are going to nominate our Themba aka Lil Wayne and we will save him same way we were saving PERE #BBMzansi

— @sr501e (@sr501e1) January 24, 2022

Lil Wayne is a straight talkerI like him. #BBMzansi

— Anda (@Anda01250041) January 24, 2022

Who also thinks Themba aka Lil Wayne is cool, sexy and handsome?#BBMzanzi #BBMzansi #BigBrother #BigBrotherMzansi

— Ying Yanged (@Musawencorcie_M) January 24, 2022

Lil Wayne is so handsome #BBMzansi

— MaNgunezi (@aryandanqobile) January 24, 2022

If you’re stanning Themba Lil Wayne Tyga identify yourself, I’m slowly falling #BBMzansi

— Themba’s pink gown (@bigbrotherbabe1) January 24, 2022

Yoh Mvelo is too much. I’d get exhausted being around him.

Or maybe he is getting too much screen time?

But then you have people like Thato who are wallpapers #BBMzansi

— Kgopolo (@PhilMphela) January 25, 2022

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