September 21, 2021


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Tweeps share opinions on ‘tacky’ and ‘overrated home decor

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On Monday 2 August, South African Twitter users shared their likes and dislikes regarding home decor. A thread started by Twitter user @KolourMeKapes, who asked what home decor trend people hate, started an extensive conversation on people’s home decor choices.

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Although everyone’s taste is subjective, it didn’t stop people from sharing even the most irrational home decor features, including a mounted TV stand.

The Twitter user who started the conversation, mentioned that she can’t stand Chesterfield furniture and finds alcohol trolleys to be tacky.

What’s the home decor fad you absolutely hate ?

I can’t stand those alcohol trolleys, I find alcohol on “display” extremely tacky

— Bonsmara (@KolourMeKapes) August 2, 2021

One user pointed that she dislikes wine racks and bathroom carpet sets, even though they are an essential feature for bathrooms in winter.

Those wine racks in the kitchen? Ha’aa and those bathroom carpets? That come in a set one is cut out to sit on the toilet floor where you can put your feet and one just next to the bath tub? No

— Gogo Manzini (@Naledi_Segoe) August 2, 2021

Another tweep commented on how they dislike motivational phrases being displayed in people’s homes.

Those really cheesy quotes in frames all over the house. “ Home is where our story begins”

— defund the police (@LethuthandoNko1) August 2, 2021

Some tweeps even hate plants being used as home decor. What’s wrong with adding some ambience to your space?


am i in the forest or a home? pls

— pop smokie (@wanyoez) August 2, 2021

Plants in the house kinda irk me a whole greenhouse in your apartment

— Yolanda (@Yoli_Que) August 2, 2021

Others simply listed their home decor dislikes:

Fake plants/ flowers; dark heavyweight curtains; dark walls; tiny photo frames on a TV stand…

— Nande Lucas (@Nande_Lucas) August 2, 2021

Word art , dried flower arrangements , exposed kitchen shelving, too many cushions on the couch

— oratiloe mothupi (@Oratiloe___) August 2, 2021

There is a certain ugly shaped bathtub, it’s like a triangle.
Dark colours that dominate the space.
Places with a lot of furniture and not enough moving space. Heavy darkwood in kitchens.
Gold curtains.
Small windows

— ilovegreens (@ilovegreens2) August 2, 2021

Pot stands, vegetable stands, bloom pots, doils

— Mandlovu Omuhle (@Gugu71893121) August 2, 2021


A minimalistic home decor style works for a lot of people. Whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or just wanting to keep a decluttered space, there’s a myriad of reasons why people think less is more when decorating their space.

I’m actually for the minimalism style because it’s much more easier to clean
It’s so tedious cleaning a space with a million trinkets haai angeke

— nowy_minelly (@MinellyNowy) August 2, 2021

However Twitter users who don’t like this trend, made it well known in the thread:

Also minimalism. What a pretentious style. You have to pretend you don’t like things and not keep sentimental things lying around because the space immediately looks littered once anything isn’t in place. It’s a hard no

— defund the police (@LethuthandoNko1) August 2, 2021

Minimalism , do you live there or not ?

— Rihanna’s Thigh (@MsMoorosi) August 2, 2021

Minimalism decor and glam decor. Hate with my heart

— Time (is) (@imexhaustednow) August 2, 2021